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Improved productivity and time management.
A flood of new ideas, innovations, and deliverables.
Team-centric and problem-solving  win-win project-delivery methodologies.
Manage projects the way you would manage an innovation challenge.


Companies investing in EX appear on Fast Company’s most innovative companies.


Make Idea Generation an Easy Part of Everyone’s Daily Work

It can take hundreds of ideas to find a workable solution.

Increase the likelihood for usable innovations without upping the workload.

Empower employees to share ideas easily and support the growth of each other’s proposals to take them to the finish line.

Incorporate Innovation into daily workflow and the DNA of your organization for sustained innovation.

Improve Productivity and Time Management

Every employee wants to spend less time working and get better results. Leaders do too.

Make goals clear and measure them accurately on a regular basis to be nimble in course correction.

Avoid tool exhaustion and have your team’s digital workspace located in their digital home and personalized, office space.


Raised productivity by collaboration through social tools.



Increased loyalty through effective collaboration.

The Economist

Powerful Peer Support

Teams that work collaboratively and have flexible work spaces are 32% more successful than teams that don’t.

Create a peer learning experience in your team so that everyone learns from one another.

Harness the power of peer recognition so team members can recognize each other and be recognized.

Rally your team around challenges and a framework that encourages the best ideas to surface.

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